Hospital Clínico San Rafaél Arcángel

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Hospital Clínico in San Rafael Arcángel , located in the city of Liberia, Costa Rica, was established in response to the need for quality private health care in Guanacaste and caters to local or foreign residents, companies, medical tourism vacationers and tourists who visit Costa Rica. Their mission is focused on two concepts: broad medical specialty coverage integrated with comprehensive preventive medicine to provide a complete response to any medical need.

After 8 years of steady growth, Hospital Clínico San Rafael Arcángel has become synonymous with quality of service, international standards as well as high-capacity clinical and surgical medical response in Guanacaste. The new cutting-edge hospital is located in a modern, comfortable building. It has 13 spacious hospitalization rooms, 2 operating rooms, 24-hour emergency service with state-of-the-art medical technology to ensure quality of medical care and patient safety. With more than 50 medical specialists and over 100 doctors available, Hospital Clínico San Rafael Arcángel in Liberia, Costa Rica is your best guarantee for expedited care, quality service and high-resolution capacity.


Hospital in Liberia Guanacaste Costa Rica

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