Clínica Bíblica Hospital

Clínica Bíblica Hospital and Medical Centre in San Jose Costa Rica
Clínica Bíblica Hospital and Medical Centre in San Jose Costa Rica

Located in the heart of Costa Rica’s capital city of San José, Clínica Bíblica is one of the two private hospitals in the country to have received the coveted Joint Commission International (JCI) Gold Seal certification for quality care. The other is the prestigious CIMA hospital in Escazú.

Clínica Bíblica has managed to attract many patients who arrive in Costa Rica on medical vacations. Unlike CIMA, which was specifically established from the ground up to be a center for international medicine, Clínica Bíblica has grown from very humble beginnings to establish itself as one of the premier centers for medical tourism.


The medical center was founded by experienced foreign Christian missionaries from Ireland and Scotland who arrived in the country by way of Argentina in 1921. Their initial concern was to reduce mortality rates, particularly among poor children, something they greatly accomplished in less than a decade. Clínica Bíblica grew from a small pediatric center to incorporate general medicine, as well as surgical and maternity services. More importantly, the medical center founded a nursing school that prepared young women as health care practitioners in a country where their services where badly needed.

In 1929, a non-profit association was formed to advance Clínica Bíblica from a religious charity to a private community hospital, and thus a novel concept in private medical care was born in Costa Rica. Clínica Bíblica still provided social and charitable services, but it also charged for medical attention on a sliding scale according to the earning power and assets of each patient. This concept is often called “medicina mixta” (mixed medicine) by Costa Rican patients who complement the care they receive from the public health system with the high-tech quality care of Clínica Bíblica.

Mission and Scope of Services

Since its privatization in 1929, Clínica Bíblica has grown into a modern medical complex that provides comprehensive quality care worthy of its JCI accreditation. Costa Rican patients from all walks of life flock to Clínica Bíblica for their medical needs. Former Presidents and Health Ministers have praised the staff for the care they have received at the hospital. Clínica Bíblica has been written about on the pages of The New York Times.

Clínica Bíblica is dedicated to provide the best quality health care following faith-based principles while contributing to programs that promote social welfare.

The wide variety of medical specialties practiced at Clínica Bíblica include: allergy medicine, cardiology (including pediatric cardiology), thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, oncology, maxillofacial surgery, dermatology, advanced hearing therapy, immunology, psychology, psychiatry, radiology, urology, hematology, neurosurgery, gynecology, and others. Clínica Bíblica is also legendary for its expertise in labor and delivery. It is a dream of every Costa Rican expecting mother to deliver at Clínica Bíblica, a maternity where mothers are treated like princesses.

Clínica Bíblica is fully supportive of the government’s initiative to put Costa Rica on the international stage as the best destination for medical tourism. The medical center’s specific goal is to be a world leader in specialized biomedical research by 2015, and it intends to reach that goal by concentrating on medical tourism in the next few years.

Affordability and Medical Tourism

When compared to the cost of medical procedures in North America and Europe, Clínica Bíblica offers a great advantage. The pricing of complex surgical procedures, such as cardiac bypass surgery, can run 50 to 70 percent less than in the United States, at equal or greater quality.

Clínica Bíblica is keenly aware of its status as a prime medical center among medical tourists, and to that extent it works closely with facilitators to ensure that patients get the best experience in terms of medical care and leisure. Most of the staff at Clínica Bíblica are fluently bilingual in English and Spanish, and some of them are multilingual. As a result of the hospital’s close relationship with the University of Miami, many of its staff members are familiar with dealing with people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Key Medical Alliances and Research Partnerships

Clínica Bíblica maintains significant partnerships with the following institutions:

Evergreen Hospital in Seattle, Washington
Junta de Beneficencia in Guayaquil, Ecuador
University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida

Sustainable Tourism

For all the prestige Clínica Bíblica has achieved over the years, it has never forgotten its roots as a faith-based hospital in service to the poor and needy. As a private hospital, Clínica Bíblica turns a handsome profit, but its charter demands that a significant portion of its gains be donated to charitable and welfare organizations.

Clínica Bíblica also works closely with the public health system in community outreach programs to promote preventive medicine. This responsible and charitable aspect of Clínica Bíblica makes it attractive for medical tourists who are also interested in the country’s efforts to engage in sustainable operations. The government encourages citizens to take advantage of the services Clínica Bíblica in order to alleviate the burden from the public health system and also contribute to the community.

Strategic Location

Clínica Bíblica is located in a quiet and leafy district of downtown San José. Landing at Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) is preferred, as the hospital can be reached by ground transportation in less than 30 minutes. Clínica Bíblica is located in an urban area that’s surrounded by several lodging options. San José is a fairly cosmopolitan city that offers everything a patient needs in terms of dining, shopping, entertainment, personal services, culture, and more.

San José has several pedestrian districts, but the city can be a bit tricky to navigate for newcomers. It is highly advisable that patients contact their facilitators in order to get around the city.

While the city of San José has plenty of tourist attractions, the beauty that Costa Rica is famous around the world for is located outside of its main metropolitan area. Since San José is located right in the center of the country, traveling to the provinces for sightseeing and other touristic activities can be easily arranged.

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    Can you tell me if there are any doctors at the CIMA hospital in Liberia that are plastic surgeons or dermatologist? I would like a chemical peel and some fillers. I would love to have my own fat used as a filler. I have had a facelift and work done in San Jose with Dr. Rashi Rosenstock. He did a nice job. We are coming to the Tamarindo area with our family and I would love not to have to go to San Jose.
    Many thanks for your information,
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