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The CIMA hospital in San José is the finest medical center in Costa Rica. It is a highly respected treatment and research center that attracts the best trained and most specialized medical staff in the Central American and Caribbean region. This hospital is the main reason why Costa Rica has become the premier a premier international destination for medical tourism. While CIMA isn’t the only medical center in the country that attracts medical tourists, it is one of the two hospitals that possess the honor of possessing a certification from the Joint Commission International (JCI). The other hospital is Clínica Bíblica, also located in San José.

A new CIMA hospital in Liberia is scheduled to open in Liberia in February 2011. This hospital will be located very close to the Liberia International Airport, and it will be a scaled-down version of its big sister hospital in San José. The new CIMA hospital in Liberia is expected to attract even more medical tourists to Costa Rica due to the relaxed atmosphere and greater privacy it will provide to patients.


First envisioned as an upscale medical retirement home, the CIMA hospital in San José grew out of an idea to serve the interests of the growing international community in Costa Rica. The founding team also realized that the interest of the local population in high-quality private medical care as an alternative to the public health system. As the people of Costa Rica are already accustomed to receiving comprehensive care for free, CIMA’s founders were well-aware of the need to excel in terms of providing quality care.

CIMA hospital opened its doors to clients in the year 2000. During the first decade of the new century, CIMA has managed to garner an impressive number of accolades.

Accreditation and Certification

Since 1994, the JCI consortium has been working with several international health organizations to evaluate and rank health care centers around the world. The focus of their work is centered on promoting the highest standards of care and informing patients where they can receive the best quality care. Of all medical facilities around the world, only 300 have been bestowed the coveted JCI Gold Seal of Quality Approval.

Aside from the certification by JCI, CIMA hospital has also received the following recognitions:

Excellence in Hematology and Blood Bank Practices – 2008
BIORAD International Quality in Hematology – 2009
National Medical Quality Control Process Award – 2005
PROMED – Advancement of International Health Care

Strategic Alliances and Medical Partnerships

For the purpose of scientific research collaboration, education and professional advancement, CIMA counts on the support from the following instutions:

University of California – Los Angeles Health Care Center
John’s Hopkins Medicine
The Mayo Clinic
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Southwestern Medical Center

Medical Services

CIMA hospital offers a variety of inpatient and outpatient treatment options. The combination of a scientific and holistic approach to healing places emphasis on diagnostics and procedures that allow patients to spend more time on vacation, at home and with their loved ones than at the hospital.

Pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients receive high-quality care at CIMA. The hospital offers routine and emergency services, and it works with a large network of staff and outside physicians and surgeons. The hospital has advanced diagnostic facilities, state-of-the-art operating rooms, intensive care units, recovery rooms, nursing wards, and rehabilitation centers.

Inpatient Services

For patients undergoing major medical procedures that require a hospital stay for observation purposes, CIMA offers well appointed private rooms with their own bathrooms, orthopedic beds, cable television, high-speed wireless Internet access, climate control, international phone calls, and quiet acoustics. Recovery suites have a comfortable private lobby area for visitors who need to spend more time with their inpatient loved ones.

The following procedures are the most commonly associated with inpatient stays: surgeries, intensive care, obstetrics, neonatal care, physiotherapy, psychiatry, respiratory therapy, and endoscopy.

Diagnostic Services

CIMA hospital has the most advanced diagnostic center in Costa Rica. For medical evaluations that require chemistry and biological diagnosis, CIMA can perform in-house laboratory work. The following imaging services are also available to patients: tomography, nuclear medicine, radiology, ultrasound, densitometry, fluoroscopy, mammography, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Vaccination Services

Medical tourists who are also engaged in ecotourism or adventure travel are encouraged to inquire with their facilitators about getting vaccinated at CIMA hospital’s comprehensive immunization center before continuing on their journey.

Medical Tourism

While quite a few patients from Costa Rica take advantage of the fine medical services CIMA offers, the focus of this health care facility is on international medicine. The CIMA staff is keenly aware of Costa Rica’s status as one of the world’s most recommended destinations for medical tourism. For this reason CIMA makes an effort to hire medical staff who are not only multilingual, but also aware of international culture and customs.

Health care center administrators are aware of the delicate balancing act between providing treatment for the community and being a hub for medical tourists. The needs of international patients are different, and often greater, than the needs of local residents. Medical tourists lack many of the advantages available to local patients. The staff at CIMA hospital knows that tourists who embark on medical vacations are often pressed for time and don’t have an opportunity to travel with loved ones. Busy medical tourists may also need to multitask with office and home while getting medical attention in Costa Rica.

CIMA works closely with medical tourism facilitators to ensure that the interests of the patients are given proper attention. While CIMA takes care of the patient’s medical needs, facilitators ensure that all the logistics of the trip and the patient’s personal affairs are well taken care of while medical procedures are being performed.


CIMA San José is located in the city of Escazú, about 20 minutes away from Juan Santamaría International airport, the main hub for international travel in Costa Rica. The downtown area of the capital city of San José is just ten minutes away. The city of Escazú features some of the most upscale neighborhoods in the country. The CIMA hospital is surrounded by a variety of lodging, dining, shopping and entertainment options located just minutes away.

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  • Wallace naimo says:

    Looking for a urologist to ask some questions

  • Joe Strobele says:

    I am inquiring into stem cell therapy for my knee

  • Maggie says:

    My husband works in Costa Rica do u have a lab that can draw blood and a fax number for the lab so the US dr. To fax lab orders to. Also does your hospital or lab except Cigna medical plans

    Thanks Maggie deveau

  • richard says:

    does cima hire any respiratory therapist? I have not seen any position posted anywhere.

  • H C says:

    Hello, I need to get an ultrasound done asap on my tummy. I had ovarian cysts 4 years ago and am getting pains again. Is this something I can get done in Liberia?

    I will be is Liberia tomorrow.


  • Lee Dickson says:

    I had a breast thermography in September in Canada and was recommended to have a repeat thermography in 6 months time. Since I will be in Playas del Coco from January to end of March, I was wondering if this procedure is done at the Liberia Cima Hospital.

  • Kevin Kichinka says:

    I have a prescription for a creme called ‘virosupril’/generic ‘aldara’ from your dermatologist dra S. Demianko for treatment of minor basel cell skin cancer. It is $80-$105/5 grams tube here and only $4 in the United States where I will return next week. I need several tubes. Are you accredited such that I can fill this prescription there? It is written on CIMA letterhead.

  • Fred Burley says:

    Is there a store within CIMA hospital that sell CPAP machines?

  • ToddG. says:

    Is Lasik eye surgery done at the CIMA in Liberia? We are living in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste for the year and my wife wants to get it done.

    • admin says:

      Hello Todd,

      LASIK eye surgery is done in Liberia (or San Jose) with ophthalmologist Dr. Randall Ulate at his private clinic. Please check your email for more information that I sent you about refractive eye surgery in Costa Rica.

      I look forward to your response,
      -Chantel Ayre, Patient Coordinator

  • Dr Andrew Wojcicki says:

    Is CIMA Liberia offering orthopedic procedure ( hip)

  • Lori says:

    Wondering if you have any hints about obtaining medical records from CIMA hospital San Jose.

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