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Weight Loss in Costa Rica naturally

Weight Loss in Costa Rica

Obesity rates around the world are climbing, and national health departments are voicing their concerns. The increased number of overweight people are being deemed a public health matter, as they should be, and governments are worried that health problems related to obesity and a sedentary lifestyle could reach epidemic proportions.

When it comes to tackling the issue of weight loss, there is no magic silver bullet that can instantly make the problem go away. The medical and scientific communities have been very active in investigating the causes and underlying reasons for the current obesity epidemic, but in the meantime people are still in urgent need of efficient weight loss methods to improve their health, appearance and self-esteem.

Weight Loss Methods

Overweight patients are often overwhelmed by the sheer variety of weight loss methods recommended. Losing weight is far from being an exact science, and as such it is typically engulfed by trial and error. Nutrition and exercise programs are the most commonly recommended methods, followed by medication regimes and surgical procedures. Metabolic and bariatric surgery will not be discussed on this page, nor will be liposuction. For information on those medical procedures, click here for metabolic surgery or here for liposuction.

A Change of Pace

Medical tourism for weight loss purposes may not be a novel idea, but it may hold more value these days than it did in the past. The concept of traveling to a remote location in order to concentrate on losing a few pounds under medical supervision was revolutionized by John Harvey Kellogg, the famous American physician and holistic health advocate who invented the iconic -and healthy- Corn Flakes cereal for breakfast.

John Harvey Kellogg was a strong believer of the benefits of a proper nutrition and exercise. Dr. Kellogg founded and operated the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan, where patients followed a regime of healthy eating combined with medication, relaxation and physical activities to cure ailments and maintain proper weight. Influential people such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were patients at Battle Creek, as well as actors Johnny Weissmuller (of Tarzan fame) and Sarah Bernhardt.

A significant portion of the Battle Creek Sanitarium’s therapeutic success was that it allowed patients to focus on treating their condition. Dr. Kellogg made sure that his patients not only followed a nutritional plan which allowed them to lose excess pounds, he also guaranteed that the privacy of his patients would not be perturbed, and that they would be free from the constraints and distractions of everyday life which effectively prevented them from concentrating on their weight loss.

Healthy Vacations

An observation that’s commonly made by tourists as soon as they arrive in Costa Rica is that, for the most part, the locals are healthy and slim. Those same tourists are surprised days later when they find out that they have lost some weight themselves. There’s an easy explanation for this: the typical lifestyle in Costa Rica entails a simple diet that’s fundamentally nutritious and healthy, as well as a moderate amount of physical activity. When tourists engage in this lifestyle, they can quickly appreciate the results.

Planning a healthy vacation does not necessarily require a visit to the doctor -although the advice of a physician should always be sought prior to beginning a nutritional or exercise program. The idea is to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and set aside enough time to practice healthy eating and exercise. With its countless beaches, green mountain forests and abundant fresh fruits and vegetables, Costa Rica is the most enjoyable place to spend a healthy vacation in.

Weight Loss Retreats

While some doctors may recommend surgical weight loss methods, the majority recommend a comprehensive fitness and nutrition plan. Weight loss and spa retreats in Costa Rica offer patients an immersive and relaxing environment where they can choose from a variety of healthy eating and exercise plans supervised by nutritionists, personal trainers and helpful staff.

Weight loss retreats in Costa Rica combine the pleasures of a tropical vacation with the beneficial outcomes of a health spa. Some medical tourists who come to Costa Rica for a surgical procedure check into these retreats to convalesce and recover, but the majority of guests arrive to detoxify and lose weight in a healthy and natural manner.

Losing weight at a spa retreat in Costa Rica can be a lot of fun. Medical tourists who check into weight loss retreats are immediately captivated by the surrounding beauty. The focus of a weight loss vacation is to energize the patient by taking advantage of adventurous activities such as hiking to a volcano, horseback riding, kayak trips, or zip lining through the forest canopy. Patients are pampered at spa retreats so that they can concentrate on losing weight: everything is taken care of for them.

The level of physical activity and exercise at weight loss retreats can be determined by a physician prior to arrival. The same goes for the nutritional plan. It is important that the patient is aware of the different options available before checking in, and to this extent it is highly recommended that all patients set realistic goals and determine the length of their stay at the weight loss retreat.

From Vacation to Lifestyle

Medical tourists who choose Costa Rica as their weight loss or detox destination go back home feeling like reinvigorated and like completely different persons. While they are undergoing treatment in Costa Rica they are counseled on what they should do once they go back home to stay healthy. Some end up adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, while others begin to explore the natural resources in their native lands.

Many patients end up coming back, but not for weight loss treatments; they rather return for relaxing yoga vacations, to see more of the country, or to visit the friends they make in Costa Rica.

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