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Dental Procedures

People have been traveling to Costa Rica for their dental care needs for years, even before the government started formulating initiatives to promote the country as the ultimate medical and dental tourism destination. Decades ago, many American and Canadian tourists who were here on extended vacations noticed that the waiting areas of dental clinics were routinely crowded. They also noticed that the local population was obsessed with fresh breath and dental hygiene, as evidenced by the brisk sales of sugar-free gum and spearmint leaves, and the fact that many Ticos carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with them wherever they go.

Tourists who decided to take advantage of their vacations to schedule a quick cleaning or a teeth-whitening procedure were amazed at the affordability of and quality of dental care in Costa Rica. The public health system offers a certain level of odontology services to the population, mainly educational outreach on proper dental hygiene and complex maxillofacial procedures, but when it comes to other procedures such as cavity care, dental implants and corrective dentistry, people in Costa Rica trust in the high quality care provided by their private dental practitioners.

In the past, tourists used to be able to walk in to just about any dental clinic in Costa Rica and get a quick dental procedure done before returning home. The advent of medical tourism has changed that, and now patients are strongly encouraged to plan their dental treatments in advance. Pricing of dental procedures is still very affordable, and the scope of procedures offered has increased considerably, but the number of tourists seeking dental care has greatly increased as well.

dental surgery procedureDentistry in Costa Rica

The dental profession in Costa Rica has always been admired and looked up to. It is a dream for many Costa Rican parents to one day see their children grow up to become members of the esteemed Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas (the national board of dentistry). Dentists from Costa Rica are routinely invited abroad to conduct research alongside their European counterparts, and they have even been invited aboard the United States Navy hospital ship Comfort to participate in humanitarian missions.

Costa Rican dentists are well aware of their international demand, and to that extent most of them learn English as part of their professional development.

Costa Rica as a Dental Tourism Destination

The fact that Costa Rica is now known as a haven for medical tourism owes a lot to its background as a premier destination for dental patients, particularly from North America. It is still a common practice for people residing in the United States or Canada to take a couple of days off from work and book a flight to Costa Rica for a visit to the dentist. Many dentists in Costa Rica used to take the entire weekend off from work, but many dental clinics are now opening their doors on Saturday to cater to their international patients.

The high cost of dental care in the United States prompted many patients to cross the border into Mexico, but the chaotically unstable situation caused by drug cartel violence in that country has put a stop to that practice. Costa Rica has enjoyed political stability and national security for many years, and the fact that it’s a beautiful country to visit makes it a more likely candidate for dental tourism.

xray results of a toothEvaluations, Hygiene, Cavity Care, and Teeth-Whitening

The simple and greatly affordable procedures that tourists used to be able to fit in between their trips to the beach or to the cloud forest are still in high demand. For this reason it is strongly encouraged that patients contact facilitators in Costa Rica, to ensure that they are able to get an appointment and proper transportation.

The cost of these simple procedures can be 70 percent less than in North America or Europe. Evaluations also include dental x-rays that patients can take to their dental practitioners at home.

Root Canals

“You need a root canal” is a phrase that strikes fear in the hearts and wallets of many dental patients around the world. While many brave patients opt to ignore cosmetic dental procedures due to their high cost, root canals are crucial to salvage troubled teeth, improve oral hygiene and save the patient from excruciating pain.

The discomfort associated with root canals has to do with the fair amount of drilling that dental surgeons must perform. Root canal procedures aren’t painful per se; most of the pain is related to infections and inflammation of nerve tissue. Combining a nice relaxing vacation in Costa Rica with a root canal is the best way to take some pressure off the mind -and off the wallet as well.

cleaning equipment for the dentistDental Crowns

Being able to flash a nice, toothy smile is one of the most common goals of dental tourists arriving in Costa Rica. Dental crowns address many of the issues that intimidate people and prevent them from sharing in that most celebrated of social gestures. Cracked and discolored teeth can be easily concealed and blended with the rest of the patient’s healthy teeth for a positive aesthetic effect. Some patients will require crowns for different reasons, such as for protection of root canals, or to correct a difficulty in speech or in achieving a proper natural bite.

The material used for dental crowns in Costa Rica will vary according to the needs of the patient. Most patients will be concerned about cosmetic appearance, and thus choose porcelain or ceramic crowns that can be easily colored to match their natural teeth, but sometimes a metal crown can be the best choice for an unseen tooth, such as a back molar.

The placement of dental crowns is accomplished in two visits that are usually spaced a couple of weeks apart. This makes it ideal for patients who want to spend time enjoying the many attractions Costa Rica has to offer, although some patients may opt to go home and return for their follow up visit. Either way, dental crowns are a lot more affordable in Costa Rica.

Other Procedures

Dental bridges, veneers, implants and maxillofacial surgery are just some of the other procedures available to dental tourists in Costa Rica. Most procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, and some will require more than one visit. Proper coordination and facilitation are crucial to ensure that the procedures can be successfully accomplished within the desired time frame.

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