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The key to a successful medical vacation is proper planning and support. While the news media tends to offer testimonials and statements of tourists who describe their medical tourism experiences along the lines of: “I just got off the airplane and walked right into the doctor’s office for a simple outpatient procedure before heading to the beach”, the reality can be a bit different. It’s not that such an experience would be completely implausible, it’s just that it fails to mention the work and support of facilitators who ensure that all medical tourists can provide a testimonial similar to the one previously described.

The Costa Rican government and the ICT (the Spanish acronym for the National Board of Tourism) want to make sure that medical tourists feel comfortable when making up their minds about traveling abroad for medical care. The information contained on these pages serves a purpose similar to what the government and the ICT wish to accomplish: to let patients know that they will be welcomed and treated with the utmost care and professionalism they deserve. Once a patient makes up his or her mind that a trip to Costa Rica is exactly what the doctor ordered, a number of steps must be performed in order to guarantee a pleasant experience.

Our Work as Facilitators

Scheduling a medical appointment at home can often be a tedious and tense process. There are several considerations to make, from insurance restrictions to taking time off work, and from the reputation of the medical services provider to the logistics necessary, particularly if a surgical procedure is involved.

Choosing the right medical practitioner and health care facility before embarking on a medical vacation is crucial. The information on this site is cursory at best. There are many options available to medical tourists in Costa Rica, but patients should ensure that they are being charged a fair price and that their chosen health care provider is a member in good standing of the National Board of Surgeons and Physicians. Helping patients decision-making and vetting process of medical practitioners in Costa Rica is one of the many services that facilitators provide to medical tourists.

For patients who are in search of non-surgical weight loss and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, facilitators are all they have to rely on as to availability of services, pricing and reputation.

Talking to medical tourism facilitators can help patients assuage their concerns, narrow their options and make up their minds as to their choice of medical providers before packing their bags. Contact us with your questions and to book a medical tourism vacation, we are here to help.

The “Man on the Ground” Approach

Going abroad for a medical procedure adds a new layer of complexity to the process described in the paragraph above. Arranging medical care overseas can be a labyrinthine exercise for the uninitiated. While the clinical staff in Costa Rica tends to be bilingual, it is not guaranteed that medical administrative personnel and front desk support staff at medical centers in Costa Rica will be. There is also the issue of protocol. Costa Rica is a curious mixture of tradition and modernity. Things are handled differently here, and some bureaucratic demeanor is still expected in professional circles, including health care.

The scenario of stepping off the airplane and heading straight for the doctor’s office is possible with the assistance of a facilitator, but there is no guarantee that the patient and doctor will be a match made in heaven. In the experience of facilitators, medical tourists are more likely to want a second opinion when they travel abroad. This is perfectly understandable, but it may be rattling for a medical tourist who decides to go at it alone. Facilitators can arrange various evaluations -if so desired by the patient- ahead of time, and can also plan accordingly for transportation and scheduling purposes.

Facilitators can take care of seemingly mundane requirements which sometimes can be oddly difficult to obtain in Costa Rica. Some of these include: mobile phones, international calls, high-speed Internet access, smoking or non-smoking hotel rooms, business centers, car rentals, ground transportation, currency exchange, banking services, special clothing, import grocery items, dry cleaning, mail and courier services, and more.

Traveling away from home often means bidding goodbye to some familiar and essential comforts. While this is acceptable for adventure vacations, it is not recommended for medical tourists, particularly for those who will undergo a complex procedure that requires a considerable period of recovery. Dietary requirements can be arranged by facilitators, whether they are vegetarian, vegan, kosher, or halal. Locating houses of worship in Costa Rica can be tricky for tourists, but not for facilitators. The country welcomes all religions, but it’s constitutionally Catholic, and thus facilitators can assist with arranging worship options.

Special Packages

Every patient who visits Costa Rica to engage in medical tourism is worthy and deserving of VIP treatment. Medical vacation packages are carefully designed to meet the needs of the patients and their companions.

The core services in each package include lodging, airport pickup and transportation to medical appointments. Meal plans and vacation activities can be arranged. Depending on how long the medical vacation is planned for, patients and their companions can enjoy packages that include trips to the cloud forest or the rain forest, visits to the various national parks and volcanoes, shopping for unique souvenirs, trips to the beach, horseback riding, coffee plantation tours, surfing lessons, whitewater rafting, 4×4 adventures, and more.

San José and Liberia are the two main areas for medical tourism, although some weight loss retreats are located on the Southern Pacific coast. The fun, non-medical stage of the vacation can be arranged to take place anywhere in the country, not just San José or Liberia.

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